a haiku of home (2023)
Spatial audio & multi-channel video installation


‘a haiku of home’ is a spatial audio & multi-channel video installation that is part of the exhibition ‘Shinkichi Tajiri: The Restless Wanderer’ at Bonnefanten, Maastricht. The installation consists of a soundscape and two films created by me. 
The soundscape heard in this room is shaped according to the structure of a haiku and resonates with the concept behind my grandfather Shinkichi's Karensansui (Zen Garden) designed for the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen. This 17-minute piece, divided into three sections of 5, 7, and 5 minutes, incorporates field recordings and ambient sounds from around Kasteel Scheres (Shinkichi's and my home). Each melody line in this composition of sounds contains exactly five or seven notes, or a multiple of these two numbers. The three acts transition seamlessly into each other and loop endlessly. I recorded and sampled sounds and instruments that reference the materials of the sculptures in the Zen gardens. The soundscape is an abstract auditory representation of my home and simultaneously an ode to my grandfather. Presented in spatial audio, the soundscape is played through an 8.1 speaker system, enveloping the audience in a multi-dimensional sonic experience. This setup makes it feel as if they are standing in our childhood garden, effectively transporting them through sound to a place of personal significance and memory.
The multi-channel video installation combines recently recorded footage at Castle Scheres with older video material of Shinkichi. My recordings primarily showcase the exterior of the house and various garden locations, while Shinkichi's footage provides a glimpse into the interior of the house from his era. This combination bridges two distinct eras and realms, creating contemplative, dreamlike scenes that offer diverse perspectives of our home. The films resemble a visual poem, following a haiku's rhythm: the left screen loops every five minutes and the right every seven minutes, providing a continuously evolving visual experience. 
The haiku's in the film are written by Shinkichi (the first one) and myself (the last two).


Director: Shakuru Tajiri
Edit & Camera: Shakuru Tajiri
Edit & Camera (Archival Footage): Shinkichi Tajiri
Poetry: Shinkichi Tajiri & Shakuru Tajiri
Music & Sound Design: Shakuru Tajiri

Sound Spatialization: Daniël Schotsborg
Color Grading: Najim Jansen