Dagblind (2022)
Short Film
TRT: 09:19


Entangled in a dark dream, HIM finds HER searching for the true meaning of happiness. When HIM begins to lose himself in his everlasting search, he is confronted with the truth about his reality.


This project started from the idea to create visuals for my music. While brainstorming and writing the initial idea naturally grew into a short film. We wanted to make our generation's destructive pursuit of happiness a central theme of the film and decided to make the narrative of the film revolve around two lovers. Segments of my poem 'Too Involved' were used to narrate the development of their relationship. 

Awards & Recognition

2022 Official Selection Shortcutz Festival, Amsterdam
2022 Official Selection, Paris International Film Festival, Paris
2022 1.4 Awards Shortlist, Short Film - Fiction, London
2022 Finalist, Rome Prisma Film Awards, Rome

Him: Niek van Oosterweyck 
Her: Thirza Riphagen
Director: Jordy Tempelman
Music: Shakuru Tajiri
Poem: Shakuru Tajiri
Screenplay: Jordy Tempelman, Jesse Jans, Shakuru Tajiri
Production: Bandit Amsterdam
Executive Producer: Hannah Padding
Producer: Cath Kwok
Cinematographer: Levien Priem
Choreography: The Movers Amsterdam
1st AD: Loes Korten
Production Design: Lisette van Oostveen
Aquarium Design: Pavle Mihalic
Gaffer: Thijs Besteman
1st AC: Kenneth Vos, Rick Griemin
Steadicam: Tim Zethner
Grip: Mijke Peters
Sound Operator: Toto Kersten
BTS Photographer: Jasmijn van Buytene
Artist Manager: Vasco Roos
Editor: Tim Schijf
Sound Studio: Amp.Amsterdam
Sound Design: Bertus Pelser, Mattijn Willems
3D VFX: Tim Smit
Colorist: Ruben Labree
Graphic Design: Samet Oruç

Made with the support of AFK & VEVAM.