Uzu Moon's Paradise, Forever EP (2021). 


Uzu Moon is the outlet for the electronic work I produce. 'Paradise, Forever' was this act's label debut and the first physical record I released 12" vinyl. I wrote the majority of this material somewhere between the winter of 2019 and the summer of 2020. With 'Paradise, Forever' I wanted to challenge myself to create a collection of tracks that an audience could either dance or dream to. This sonic polarity became the fabric of the EP. The release features a stellar remix from Cody Currie

'Paradise, Forever' was supported by the kind people at Mixmag, Beatport and Tidal Rising, among others.

P.S. there are still some copies available for purchase (drop me a line). 

Artist: Uzu Moon
Title: Paradise, Forever EP
Release Date: 26 November 2021
Label: Fluid Funk Recordings
Distribution: Triple Vision

All music, instrumentation & mix: Shakuru Tajiri
Cover design: Jesse Jans
Art direction: Shakuru Tajiri & Jesse Jans
Special thanks to Vasco Roos, Amir Maani Shirazi, Maik Cox